Back in 2008, knitting hit the big-time again. From catwalks to magazines, designers were creating original knitted garments, and ‘hand-made clothing’ became THE new craze… but many people like myself were already doing that!

In Brussels, there were many people wanting to learn how, but few, if any, places offering knitting/ crochet and sewing classes .

So in April 2009, we opened the doors to Kaleidoscope, to dust off the old image of home-made ‘granny’ garments , and show a more contemporary side , hoping to appeal to both young and old alike .

With our motto being ‘I made it myself’ – our courses took off!

Since then, we’ve taught many people the joy of knitting/ sewing and crocheting. Hooray !

At Kaleidoscope we can help you choose the best project for your budget and your level of experience as well as offer advice and tips to succeed!

We’ve worked hard to produce many of our own patterns to encourage our customers and to show off our lovely yarns.

Our love for ‘natural’ materials has led us in our choice of products. All our products are made from quality wools/silks cotton or vegetable fibers, including hand-dyed & natural dyed yarns, re-cycled yarns, organic cotton fabrics, and many hand-made buttons. We also offer a range of clothing patterns , ’Liberty ‘bias, Ribbons, buttons and cotton fabrics that are perfect for making both children’s and /or adult clothes.

Whenever possible, we like to stock products from small, lesser known independent labels in addition to some of the larger well-known brands.

It’s lovely to hear our customers say: “what a lovely shop! You have so many nice things to look at”.